The Goodness of The Lord

When we look over our lives and all of our experiences good or bad
sometimes we have difficulty in seeing how it could all work out for good.
It is rather amazing that God has planned his goodness toward us before we were created. Do you recognize His goodness in your life?

Victorious Living

Have you battled with your self-image? Do you look in the mirror to only
see your faults? Listen in as Buffy shares with you how to overcome a low
self-image and live in victory.


Have you become like someone else based on your need for love, affection or desperation stemming from your past? Do you know who you are? Listen in as Buffy shares

Treasures In Heaven

Have you ever met someone who uses stuff to keep up appearances? They have to have the right stuff so they can fit in and if they don't the drama!
Well listen in, you'll be able to understand why they do it.


There are times in our lives that we face an unknown. We don't know what to do, where to go and everything that we thought we were supposed to do or accomplish seems to be at a stand still. Sound familiar? Listen in as Buffy
helps you navigate and understand where you are.

The Tolerance Gospel

What in the world is going on out there? Listen in as Buffy shares with you
just a few examples of the culture of inclusiveness, progressive unity,
tolerance and pluralism gospel. Confused? Don't be it was all foretold.


Everyone has experienced disappointments in one way or another. Some of it has come in a very devastating way and for others, it has been an
accumulation of small things that have resulted in failed hopes and dreams. How do you deal with disappointments? Stay tuned...

Am I Doing What God Wants Me To Do?

Have you ever asked yourself... "Am I in God's will? Am I doing what He
wants me to do? How can I be sure I'm going in the right direction?" Then
this broadcast is for you. Tune in to know how you can be sure.

Use Your Talents

Despite the fact that we may have despair, all of us have good experiences
that have taught us many things. All of us have had some sort of training,
whether on the job, in life or in formal education. All this combined with
the special gifts we are given by the Holy Spirit, make us very special
people indeed!

Letting Go

I have a tendency to put everything in its place and have a place for
everything, consequently I have difficulty in letting go. Letting go, not
sweating the small stuff is a difficult thing to do. The most difficult
area in which I struggle to let go is ministry.