She looked in the mirror and gave herself a once over look before she left
to go to church... Ever been betrayed? The agony and pain are unbearable. Listen in as Buffy St. John takes through a betrayal in the seemingly safest of places.


Rejection is not something we like. It is very painful and our emotions get
tied up in a bunch while our minds race with self doubt self worth...
listen in as we learn to deal with rejection.


Have you been hindered by fear? Has fear kept you from accomplishing that which you desire. Listen in and learn to use fear as a motivator instead of a hindrance.


Why is obedience so difficult? What has obedience got to do with bungee
cord jumping? Stay tuned and listen in as Buffy shares.


Where do you place your allegiance? Have you ever heard someone say "I've
tried religion, it didn't work for me." Let's explore why not.


What is a friend? What are the characteristics of a friend? What are the
responsibilities and expectations of a friend? How do you deal with anger,
hurt and rejection from a friend? And lastly How do you make up with a
friend? All these are answered in this broadcast, stay tuned.

He's Still There

There are times when God seems so far away and we wonder if He's still
there. Why does this happen? Does God take a break from His children? Stay tuned as Buffy St. John explains this phenomena.


Ever wanted to just give up and quit? Don't feel like your life matches
what you profess or show others? Then this message is for you!


Are you going through a crisis situation right now? How are you handling
it? Let's take a peek into the life of a widow woman and a man named Elijah
for insight to handle the current crisis you're going through.

Starting Over

The most difficult thing to do is to start over. Somehow we feel like
failures, but that need not be. Listen in as Buffy shares that starting
over is not such a bad thing.