Redbud TreeRedbud Tree

Need Wisdom?

People sometimes equate wisdom with good advice, good sound decisions,
financial and spiritual 'success' but what is wisdom and more importantly
how do we get it?


I think we equate joy to a vibrant exuberance that just bubbles over and we
are laughing and carrying on at all times. If that's the case I fall very short. Come with me and discover a true source of joy.


Ever been rejected, betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed and misunderstood? Do
you feel all alone? Have I got some good news for you! Stay tuned...


If you would have asked me 15-20 years ago what prosperity meant to me, I
would have given you a list that would have catered to my physical well
being and selfishness. So what changed? Stay tuned...

The Tongue

It never ceases to amaze me how something can come flying out of my mouth and BAM I find myself in trouble. How many of us have lashed out at someone and later regret saying those things? How do we clean up our act? Stay tuned...


The tendency to exalt ourselves and demand our rights, to pamper our egos, subvert truth and resist authority is inherent in every one. What do we do with our pride?

Trust & Pray

I believe that we have the tendency to pray the problem and not the answer. We seek God's blessings and not His purpose. We don't trust Him. What do I mean by that? Listen in and I'll explain.


As I was waiting on the Lord to give me the message, I already had the word
"healing" in my spirit and I contemplated my testimonies of various physical healing and wondered which one he wanted me to share with you. I didn't realize He wanted to go in another "healing" direction...


Have you ever found yourself facing a decision that would change the
direction of your life and fear has set in? Stay tuned as Buffy encourages
you to be courageous.


Sometimes we watch the news or read a newspaper and hear of tragedies, or we are hit with a financial, physical or spiritual problem and everything
seems so hopeless. The definition of "HOPE" is desire accompanied by expectation of fulfillment. Stay tuned as we explore God's hope for our lives.