He is Alpha & Omega
The Beginning and the EndHe is Alpha & Omega The Beginning and the End

Why War?

Why is there war? What is the Christian's view on war? Why can't we have
peace? Listen as Buffy St. John answers these and other questions about

Why Should I Become A Christian?

In this instant gratification country we live in, you can chose a little bit of this and a little bit of that and come up with your own religious salad. So what is it about what Christianity represents that should arrest and hold the very heart and soul of a human being? Why should a person become a Christian?

Lessons I Learned While Canning

Pressure cooker, mason jars, lids, rings, tongs... You'd be surprised where
you can pick up a lesson or two. Listen in as Buffy St. John takes you into
her kitchen of life.


Want to give up? Wondered why you even married the person in the first
place? What is a perfect or even a godly marriage for that matter? Listen
in and you may be surprised.

Are You Inadequate?

Do you have a desire to fit in and fear people in authority who may have an
influence over you? Do you feel inadequate? Then this message is for you!


Why do we compromise our dignity, morals and ethics to be loved and
accepted by others. Why is it so important? Stay tuned as we discover the
essence of acceptance.

In His Presence

Many times we make the mistake of measuring our walk with the Lord Jesus by our good works rather than by His presence in our life. Stay tuned to the
beauty of His presence.


"What! Rest? Are you nuts? Do you know how much work I have to do?" Ever
felt like that? Too busy to stop! You're not alone stay tuned as Buffy shares what happened to her.

Move On!

Do you ever find yourself looking back at the past? What you should have
done or what you have accomplished? Isn't it time to MOVE ON?
Listen in and get up and get going!


Do you wear Spiritual Warfare as a badge of honor? Are you a martyr wanna be? What is it about negativism that we feel we have to cling to? Stay
tuned as we discover the road to freedom from bondage.