Breaking New GroundBreaking New Ground

Getting A Life Through Forgiveness

"I must forgive you so that I can get past you." Learn the 7 steps you need
to get your life back. Stop living in the past, reach out for your future!

Men of Valor

Using the story of Gideon, Buffy St. John encourages men to "Take Your
Place" as men of honor, men of valor.

How Do I Pray?

Ever wondered if there is a formula to prayer? Do you want to know how to
pray? Ever ask yourself, does prayer work? Why should I pray? Then tune in
and find out.

Who You Gonna Trust?

With everyone telling you what to do and how to live your life, what voice
can you hear, who can you trust. Utilizing a song from her album
"Reflections" Buffy St. John points you to "That Voice." It's that voice
that calls you when ever you stray it's that voice that whispers to you
when you pray, He speaks peace and causes your heart to rejoice.

Spirit To spirit, The Deeper Connection

Have you ever wondered why you can be so busy and never get anything
accomplished; but when you're in the groove you accomplish more in a
shorter period of time than ever before. Listen in to the broadcast as
Buffy explains the connection.

Deborah McGhee Testimony

Deborah had made a pact with the devil, how was she going to get out of it?
Listen to her riveting testimony of God's grace, mercy and power to
forgive. (Deborah moved to her heavenly address, but her testimony still impacts lives today)

End Times Through Hosea

Get a glimpse of the end times as seen through the book and life of Hosea.
A fascinating look at historical Israel from rebellion to statehood to the
upcoming battle of Armegeddon. What exciting times we live in!

False Teachers, False Ministers

False teachers seem to rise up from the very dust of the earth creating
havoc and confusion leaving behind a wake of disillusioned victims and
distorted minds...

Get In Order

Have you made a promise to yourself, but it hasn't come to fruition? Did
you say that you'd get your life organized? Well what are you waiting for?
Listen in as Buffy talks about order vs. confusion. You chose.

Tolerance or Persecution

What is tolerance according to our new paradigm shift? Are you a Christian,
Humanist or Globalist? Are you aware of what your children are being taught in school? Examine your heart and your way of thinking as Buffy reveals the hidden agenda of the tolerance gospel.