Buffy St. JohnBuffy St. John

Music by Buffy St. John found at https://www.buffystjohn.comMusic by Buffy St. John found at https://www.buffystjohn.com

Buffy St. John was born in Youngstown, Ohio and was raised under the influence of legendary Evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman. From an early age, Buffy knew that God had placed a call on her life. Yet, as a result of child abuse and other issues, she spent several years running from God and the call to ministry.

She obtained her college degree and knew success in the business world until her desperate search for significance and purpose brought her back to God.

Her testimony is powerful and riveting. Buffy was freed from homelessness and prison, and her life proves the power of God's saving grace and His mercy to all that call upon Him.

Now, as an evangelist, author, singer, and powerful speaker, Buffy fulfills a busy schedule from coast to coast and often overseas teaching others to Declare The Word.

Buffy preaches a call to repentance. Without a repentant heart we cannot worship God. Without continuing repentance the Church cannot live out the life of Christ in the world. True repentance leads to humility. True repentance leads to the love of Christ being reflected through each believer.